Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pinterest Party!

Summer is almost over and my first year of teaching is almost here! Wow! I am so excited for this new adventure in my life and I really wanted to create a blog to share my excitement and experiences, so here I am! 
Recently my sister and I got together to have a Pinterest Party. She is going to be a first grade teacher in Ottawa this year and I am obviously going to be a kindergarten teacher. Since our grade levels are so close we were able to enjoy making the same things. We are super stoked to use our new creations in our classrooms this year! Check them out below...

Quiet Critters 
They only come out when it's quiet, and if it gets too loud they have to be put away. I've seen these work. The kids work really hard to get one and they get so excited to have a critter sit on their desk! So much fun!! We got the idea from here and I have seen them used in the first grade classroom when I was a para last year.

Calming Jar
This could be used if students are having trouble getting their body under control. I might set it near my "think time" chair because it helps them relax and calm down. It could also be used for fun, sensory time! This idea is from here.

Brain Breaks!
We found ideas for our brain break sticks here and here as well as adding our own ideas to the mix. These will be nice breaks for the students throughout the day to keep them on their toes and ready to learn. We decided to color code our sticks in ways that made sense to us. Then we typed out descriptions of each brain break so we remember and so a sub could use them too.

Birthday Blooms
When I get my class list, I will write the name of each student and their birthday on the pencils. They will each get their birthday bloom on their birthday during the year! It's a cute decoration and purposeful at the same time...I love it! We found this idea here.

When I got home I started organizing all of my teacher stuff so it is ready to be moved into my classroom. I also began organizing my bulletin board letters like this.
I found the organizer for $1 at Target and it has 13 slots so I put 2 letters per slot. Worked perfectly for one set of 4" letters.
I can't wait to get into my classroom very soon and then share pictures of the finished product! Stay tuned!

- Mrs. Berns