Thursday, October 25, 2012

Setting Up My FIRST Classroom!

So proud of my first classroom and a big thanks to my family for their help!
We take PRIDE in what we do! Students can clip up their work that they are proud of. I used a hot glue gun to put the clothespins on the paper.

Cubbies labeled with their name and number.

Mailboxes labeled with student names.

Floor labeled with student numbers for our line.

Hallway chant and the learning lab chart. Students clip their clothespin to the lab they want to go to.

Looking into my classroom from the hallway door.

Smart board, my desk, and my outside door!

Seating area in the classroom. All ready for the first day of school with homemade play dough on the desks.

The tree my family helped me make in my library lab out of fabric and green wrapping paper.

Calendar area.

Love this area beside my desk. Two file cabinets pushed together and dressed up with the same fabric from my curtains. My sweet husband got my name blocks for me when I graduated.

Word wall separated by black floor tape. I designed the letters and printed the vowels in a different color.

Our daily schedule that I created along with our math word wall.

Student portraits and the sun and rainbow made out of their hands.

Birthdays!! The kids LOVE seeing their picture on the wall!
Grab a few freebies before you go!

Even though the first nine weeks are already over, I am still in love with my room AND my kids! I hope you were able to grab a few ideas for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Berns


  1. Love the way you have done the birthday chart- thanks for sharing

  2. this is really nice.makes me wish i was a teacher. Got ideas that i cld use at home for my toddlers.

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  4. It looks really nice!
    Which font did you use for the months of the birthdays?

  5. love the birthday star letters. Where did you get those letters?