Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jan Brett's "The Mitten" - Literacy Activities

Over the next couple weeks before Christmas break, we are doing activities with a few of Jan Brett's books. I decided to make a few activities for her book "The Mitten" which we will be covering over a couple of days. Take a look at it here and at my TPT store.

Jan Brett's "The Mitten" - Literacy Activities

Characters in the story

Mitten Cut-out: cut this mitten and the other one provided in the file and punch the holes out. Use yarn to sew the two mittens together.

Animal Cut-outs: put them in the mitten accordingly as you read the story.

Initial Sounds

Sequencing Cards

Syllable Segmentation

Story Setting

Emergent reader from the perspective of the mitten.

Two more weeks until winter break gets here, and I hope my kiddos are ready for a fun time! :)

- Mrs. Berns

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tech Fair

Today I get to present at our school district tech fair. My presentation is called SMART Notebook Tips & Tricks. If you want to take a look at what I'll be presenting, click on the google doc handout below. 
Wish me luck, this is way out of my comfort zone! :)
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gingerbread Literacy Activities

Can you believe it is December already?! WOW!! These last two gingerbread packs have been fun to make and I'm excited to use them in my classroom very soon! Hopefully you'll like what you see and grab it for yourself and your kiddos at my TPT store
It’s a Gingerbread Holiday - Literacy Edition Includes 7 different activities:

1. I Have, Who Has with Santa Gingy & the Elves
- Two versions are included with the letters in order and mixed up. Extra blank and "finish" cards are included to help meet your needs.

2. Syllable Sort - Sorting mat with 24 picture cards. Students clap the syllables on each picture card and place it on the mat under the correct number of syllables.

3. 12 Rhymes ‘Til Christmas
- Students make a rhyme with the 12 pictures provided; they can draw a picture and write the rhyming word they create.

4. Naughty or Nice? - Initial & Ending Sounds Match Mats (3 mats each) with letter cover-ups

5. Roll Santa’s Sight Words
- A blank page is provided for you to add in the sight words you need your students to work on.

6. Partner Practice with Santa & the Elves Booklet
- Practice reading and writing letter sounds and words.

7. Santa’s Sound Segmenting Booklet 
- Use manipulatives to segment each sound in the pictures provided. They place a manipulative in the squares when they say each sound.

Please leave me some feedback if you happen to purchase this great product! 
I'm sure these next few weeks will fly, but I hope you all enjoy this holiday season! Happy Holidays!! :)

- Mrs. Berns