Friday, December 28, 2012

Common Core Math Vocabulary Posters

Now that our bellies are all full and we have spent some much needed time with family and relaxing throughout the day, it was finally time to finish my project of making math vocabulary posters aligned to the common core standards. I started this project weeks ago, but I kept finding more and more words to add to the list! When I started, I was just going to do numbers 0-20 with some other key math vocabulary that we use a lot in kindergarten. Then I realized it would be more beneficial to actually find some vocabulary lists aligned to the kindergarten common core. There are a few lists out there and they are ever changing as we get to know the common core much better. I think the packet I created has a pretty huge chunk of the words most kindergarteners will be learning in math....99 words to be exact! Whew!! That's quite the load! That isn't even including the posters for numbers 0-20. Here's the best thing, too, if you purchase the file and find a word missing that you would like to have, just shoot me an email and I can update the file at no extra cost! If maybe....maybe I have you a wee bit interested, go on over to my TPT store to check it out or click the link under the picture to lead you directly to it! =) 
CC Math Vocabulary Posters
I will warn you, my store may look a little bit different. My husband has been so supportive and excited about this new adventure. Apparently I might have him hooked on this too, so we combined our stores. He is a PE teacher at the middle school level, so don't be alarmed if you see a few things from him! In fact....pass on the word to the PE teachers you know! =) I tried to help him make his cover page a little on the cutesie side, but still mainly on the "cool" side! Teehee! If you want to see his Strength and Conditioning Workout that he just posted today, click here!

Back to the vocabulary posters. My goal when creating these was to actually begin using my math word wall. I put it up at the beginning of the year with good intentions, but the picture you see below is still what my math word wall looks like....whoops! 
My goal for the upcoming year is to post the vocabulary words up here and refer to it daily, so the kids learn to use it! Who is going to hold me to it?!

I am also hoping to be back on here soon (within the next few days) to post some more creations. I have high hopes for my time over this winter break now that all of our celebrations (minus New Year's Eve) are out of the way.

Enjoy your break, teachers! I know I am!

- Mrs. Berns

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