Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Valentine's Treat!

Hard to believe this sweet holiday is approaching us already this year! My kiddos are already bringing in cereal boxes that we can decorate for the special occasion. After the boxes are decorated, they will each have their very own "love bug" themed name plate thanks to the adorable little Valentine's Day pack I finished up! That, and so much more is included in the pack and I can't get enough of the cute little love bug graphics from Scrappin Doodles. Check out a sneak preview here, and then visit my TPT store to get a full description.

Love Bugs Valentine's Day Activities

Little tags to attach to your Valentine's Day gifts. Six different options are available.

Love Bug art with the templates and instructions included.

There are six name tag options to spice up any Valentine's Day box or bag!
I also included fun activities that can be used throughout your Valentine's Day such as letter and number BINGO, letter and number I Have, Who Has, and a writing prompt about the things you love! 

Coming up next, a special President's Day reader! My talented little sister so graciously wrote a poem about President's Day. Look for it soon! :)

- Mrs. Berns

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