Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowmen, Snowmen: Literacy, Math, & Writing FUN!

It has been the perfect time to create a unit about snowmen because the ground has been white, white, white around Kansas lately! The other day we received a beautiful snow that lasted most of the day. That was the type of snow that I know, when you don't have drive anywhere and you can actually take in the beauty of the snow falling. I am not so much a fan when I have to get out in it or it's been around awhile. Anyway, I am on my final days of Christmas break and it has been so nice to have all this time, but all of a sudden I felt very stressed to get things done today! The "list" just seems so much longer when there is less time I guess...oh well, it will get done. Now, if you can hang with me through this post, you will find a surprise at the end!!!

So on to this cute little unit I put together...
Snowmen, Snowmen - Literacy, Math, & Writing FUN! on my TPT store.
It includes activities for literacy, math, and writing. Check out a sneak peek of the activities below.
Cut & Paste activities for initial & final sounds and syllable count.

Snowman Syllable Sort - count the syllables of 36 snowballs with a picture and word on each.

 Snowball Roll & Write - put six sight words or spelling words in the blue boxes for your students to practice reading and writing those words in a fun and competitive way. The blank sheet is included along with one filled out with kindergarten sight words.

Spin & Graph Sammy the Snowman's Headgear - add a brad and a paper arrow to the spin board to spin 10 times. Graph each spin on the graph provided and answer questions about the data. Finally, the students figure out which hat Sammy will wear after seeing which headgear was graphed the most. Extension to this activity could easily be added in by comparing everyone's end result.

Snowman Dress-Up - How many different scarf and hat combinations can you make for your snowman. Two versions are included along with the snowman templates and recording sheet. This is my favorite activity out of the packet and I'm looking forward to preparing this for my kiddos. Another exciting thing about this activity is that you can differentiate for all your students by adding more colors or using fewer colors.

Cut & Paste activities for Making 5 and Making 10.
Last but not least, the adorable snowman writing display. The templates for the snowman and optional writing prompts are included in the file.
Hopefully you see something you enjoy and pass it on to those you know. Check out this packet along with others at my TPT store

So when do you go back to school? My husband went back on the 3rd and I go back on the 7th! I love rubbing it in...hehe!! 
Whew, you made it to the end! For that "surprise" I was telling you about, just leave a comment on this post and follow my blog and your name will be put in a drawing. ONE lucky winner will get a FREE "Snowmen, Snowmen - Literacy, Math & Writing FUN!" pack!! Thanks for your support!

- Mrs. Berns


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