Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kansas Day Festivities!

We celebrated Kansas Day early this year within our elementary school on January 25th. Our amazing Kansas Day committee put together a full day of activities. In the morning we rotated between 6 different stations to learn about Kansas. Then in the afternoon, the whole school got to join in the gym to watch The Wizard of Oz. It was such a wonderful experience and I was so impressed with how well behaved our little kinders were all day long! How well do you know your Kansas facts?! Scroll through the pictures and find the answers below!

Storyteller from the library.
A presenter from Milford Nature Center to show us the different state symbols.
He had a real salamander (above) and a box turtle for the kids to see! It was so neat!
He had fur from a buffalo, too!
A story about coming to Kansas.
Happy Days - one of my kiddos modeling a Letterman's sweater.
Happy Days - one of my kiddos modeling a prom dress.
Our 4th grade teacher has some amazing artifacts to share with us!
Seeing a real chuck wagon and learning about how life was different.
Kansas facts: 
State bird - Western Meadowlark
State flower - Sunflower
State tree - Cottonwood
State amphibian - Barred Tiger Salamander
State reptile - Ornate Box Turtle
State mammal - Buffalo
State insect - Honeybee
State song - Home on the Range

Happy belated Kansas Day on January 29th!!!

- Mrs. Berns


  1. I just found your blog on the TBA new blogger linky. It's always fun to connect with a fellow teacher from Kansas! I'm your newest follower!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

    1. That's awesome!! So glad to have a fellow Kansan to connect with as well! What part of Kansas are you from? Thanks for the follow and stay safe with all this snow! :)