Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Media Buttons!!!

Yes!! I've been wanting to add some buttons to my blog to link to my stores, Facebook, Pinterest, and my email, but I wasn't quite sure how to do it! I was so excited as I was browsing through blogs this evening and saw Mrs. Stanford's link on exactly how to do this. It was so much easier than I thought, but I'm so thankful for her easy how to video. Check it out if you're interested in creating your own buttons by clicking here. You might also find interest in her other how-to videos if you're a beginner like me. I know she has been super helpful for me as I begin this journey, so a huge shout-out and THANK YOU to her! :)

Sooooo....what do you think of my new buttons?! Comment below if this helped you make some new buttons and you'd like me to check them out! It's crazy and funny to me how excited I get over something new! I love it! :)
Oh by the way, it's almost FRIDAY!! I have a sub tomorrow and will be testing all day so hopefully we'll finish up our formatives. Report cards go home a week from tomorrow so it is getting down to crunch time! So far my kiddos have done wonderful and it's so exciting to see how much they've learned this year! Oh and one more thing.....I'm PUMPED for the amazing spring weather that is in our forecast for the next week in Kansas! Will spring come just in time for spring break?! Eeeek....I sure hope so!!! Happy Friday tomorrow everybody!

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