Friday, April 12, 2013

It's FRIDAY!! Link Up!

I am linking up again for Doodle Bugs' Five for Friday! It has been a very busy week that I really didn't get too many pictures, but here are my five random things from this week!
1. My first year mentoring program is coming to a close and I had the opportunity to observe three other teachers in our district. Read about my reflections on my first year or my so called "Confessions of a 1st Year Teacher" here.

2. I had my very first kindergarten roundup this week. Our them was "Let the Adventure Begin" and the kids got little safari hats. It was cute and I felt like it went well...I survived my first one at least! ;)
Graphics from Scrappin Doodles.
3. I reached 100 followers on this little blog of mine which is very exciting, so I will be hosting a giveaway soon! If you are interested in helping out, please fill out this form for me! 
My oh my how this blog has grown...which is exactly how I feel about my first year of teaching! :) Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year if you ask me! 

4. I have been very, very anxious to rearrange my classroom lately and after observing, it put me over the top! I HAD to rearrange my room, and I couldn't wait until summer to do it! My amazing para stayed after school to help me Thursday night and I am very pleased with the result. It is much more open and my kids' tables are all closer to the carpet and smart board so we can do more seat work and not feel like they are a mile away from each other. Check out how I had it arranged at the beginning of the year here and what it looks like now below! The only problem was that it was poor planning on my part of when to rearrange. I had a sub this morning because I had incoming kinder IEP meetings, so my poor sub had to deal with the kids' excitement and craziness over our new room! Haha! Oh well, she survived! :)

5. As I've mentioned earlier, my husband and I are trying to sell our house! Well, we are hoping for a successful weekend because we are having an open house on Sunday. Wish us luck!! While the open house is going on, we are headed to Kansas City for a Royals baseball game with my husband's brother who came back to visit this week from Minneapolis, MN! It should be a fun weekend, but I am in need of some rest! My eyes have been tired ALL day! Ick!!

Happy WEEKEND everybody! Be sure to check back in soon for the giveaway! As always, thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Your blog is adorable and so is your classroom. It looks huge. We have our kinder round up this week. I like your theme. I wish I could see what other schools do for a quick assessment of their new kinders. Our assessment seems a bit much. I'd also love to know what your school does to help keep them from being overwhelmed!

  2. What an amazing idea to have a theme for your kindergarten round up! Too cute! I just found your blog and would love to help with your giveaway! :) Good luck with your open house...enjoy your weekend!
    Ms. Shope's Class

  3. Hey lady! I love your classroom, it's huge!! Wow. I filled out the form to help you out with your giveaway but forgot to put the link for my blog. Oops. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  4. I just found your cute blog through Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten! I am happy to be your newest follower :)
    Have fun at the baseball game!

    The Cozy Classroom

  5. I will have to look in on my way to the first grade room lol. From the pictures it looks awesome!

  6. Hey there! I'm a Kansas girl too (originally, now I live in NC). We make it back for Royals games every summer and my husband is still a huge KC Chiefs fan. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!
    First Grade Buddies

  7. I found your blog through Five for Friday. Way jealous of your classroom! It's huge! I am going to have to do some rearranging, too, for next year but can't figure out how to fit everything in my room. It's just not very big. I'm mentoring a teacher through her first year, too, and we are wrapping things up. Isn't it a good feeling?? You survived!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten