Sunday, May 26, 2013

End of the Year Memory Books!

Our last week of school was this past week and it was definitely bitter-sweet! I am going to miss these kids so much and I can't believe it's over, but I am ready for a nice summer break. I have been slacking with my blog posts lately because we have been so busy with end of the year happenings, but I have a couple posts planned to share what's been going on in our classroom. First up is our memory books that we completed the last week of school. They turned out absolutely adorable!! I had been taking pictures all year long and I had a parent that donated prints throughout the year too. It was fun to use those prints in the memory books so they had actual pictures of themselves doing some of the things they were writing about. See below for some of the pages that were in the books. 

We printed the cover page in color and the rest of the pages were in black and white so they could color them how they wanted to. 
I loved how the kids cut their pictures out! They looked so cute! :)
I took a picture with each of the kids for them to put in their book. I also had them take a picture with our para who is leaving after this year. 
I liked this memory too! It says, "This day was awesome. We got to see the queen." Read about that day here.

Then it was time to have everyone sign our memory books. I had them choose their favorite color crayon and stand behind their chair with their book open to the "My Class" page. They signed their own book and then I would say "rotate" and they would go to the next book and sign it. We continued doing this until the kids signed each book. 

Didn't they turn out adorable?! I was so happy with them! Each kiddo got a silly class picture and a nice class picture to paste on their class page. 

They had so much fun filling out their book and cutting out pictures from the year. I think the actual pictures that were taken during the year made these books even more special. This will be a book that their parents will probably keep forever and these kids will look back at these books years down the road! That is pretty cool to think about. In fact, as my husband was packing things up for our big move, he found some journals he wrote from 1st grade! It was so much fun to read them and see what was important to him back then. These books will be just that! :)

If you'd like to check out the pages included in this memory book or you would like to purchase it, check out my TpT store by clicking on the picture below. I know your kids will enjoy these as much as mine did and they are personalized for grades K-2, but generalized to be used at all grade levels. I also included the book in color and in black & white! I will be updating the years for next year too! :) 

Check back this week for a post about our kindergarten graduation! We had a very special and exciting guest appearance at our graduation that you won't want to miss! It was quite the special day! :)

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