Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Currently & Let's Get Acquainted!

Tomorrow is July already, can you believe it?! I can't, but I'm excited to have a whole month completely "off" or so to speak! I have a long list of things I'd like to make for the new school year and post on TpT and I'm sure I'll be getting my classroom ready again toward the end of July too! So I guess I wouldn't necessarily consider it a whole month "off" but I don't really have to be anywhere! We moved into a new house at the beginning of June and these last two weeks I've been taking a full day class for a lesson study grant I'm participating in, so I finally feel like I'm back on summer break! YAY!

Alright, let's get to this Currently for July with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: I've got my husband to my left on the couch working on his master's class, so besides the typing on the computer and the clock ticking, it is silent! It's kind of nice to wind down like this on a Sunday afternoon after getting home from church. :)

Loving: I love that I'm back on my summer schedule!! I'm definitely a night person, so I'm excited to be back on my summer schedule where I can pretty much do whatever I want, whenever I want. There's no alarm that has to wake me up and we can stay up late, hang out with friends/family, sit outside on the deck, and just chill! I love it! 

Thinking: Speaking of that summer schedule, I think it's about time for our regular Sunday nap! :) I love a good Sunday nap, but I always hate it when I have somewhere I need to be early Monday morning because I can never get to sleep Sunday night! Haha! 

Wanting: I would love to go on a vacation with my husband again this summer, but we are having a heck of a time selling our house! We already bought and live in a new house (which I LOVE btw), but it's stressful being an owner of two houses! I think once we sell our other house, we owe it to ourselves to just get away somewhere....anywhere! This leads me to the next one...

Needing: To sell our house!!!! Enough said! :)

Tips, Tricks, or Hints: My tip is for selling on TpT. I started selling back in November during my first year of teaching. I would just make things that I loved and knew I would use in my classroom! I had fun with it and lucky for me, many other people fell in love with my products too! It's a great feeling and I know that no matter what, nothing I make is for no good reason because I will make great use out of it! So don't be afraid to post something on TpT because you never know who will love your product just as much as you do! :)

Okay, switching gears just a bit! Latoya is BACK with her Let's Get Acquainted Party and I am linking up!

This week's topic is Tic-Tac-Toe! I am choosing diagonally left to right, top to bottom!

I went to college at Kansas State University! My favorite memories would have to be Thursday nights with my best friends. We were all a part of the college of education and became really close. During our last year at KSU, I was married and living in another town about 40 miles away so we would have sleep overs on Thursday nights since we didn't have class on Fridays! It was so much fun to have either a girls' night in or out and just stay up talking about everything in life! I miss seeing my girls every day, but I'm so happy I made such amazing friends and that we still stay in touch and are very close! 

My favorite school memory as a kid....hmm, that is so tough to pick just one! When I think of elementary school, I think about one of my favorite teachers who taught me in 1st grade! She had a big bus in her room made out of wood where we could go read and play. She was very artistic and I remember making something special out of each letter as we learned it. For example, we made a zebra in the shape of a Z. She sparked so much creativity and imagination out of all of us and I hope that I can someday be at least half as good a teacher as she was!

Some of my favorite hobbies are to play volleyball and take pictures! I played volleyball, basketball, track, and softball growing up, but there's just something about volleyball that makes me love it the most! Luckily we have a rec center in my town, so I still get to play! My husband and I play co-ed which is fun and this summer we are playing sand volleyball with another couple in town. We are pretty competitive, so it's fun to go out and play together. I also love taking pictures and looking at pictures. There's just something about capturing special memories that is so fun. I'm trying to do better about just enjoying moments a little more though too instead of taking pictures of every single little thing. It's kind of hard sometimes though! ;)

Alright, go link up with Latoya! I'm excited to read which row on the Tic-Tac-Toe board you choose! Also, just a reminder about my flash sale on TpT today (June 30th) only!! Everything is 20% about that here

You can also enter for a chance to win free items from my store here and here! Today is the last day for each of these things, so don't wait!

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  1. I'm seeing a theme with all of us in the Currently linky- with loving the freedom and no plans in the summer! Have a great 4th of July and I hope you get a vacation!

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. I had a teacher in 3rd grade who is still one of the best teachers I have ever had. I remember our unit on Japan. We all brought in pillows to sit on in the floor and took our shoes off at the door. She was so passionate about making school fun for everyone as well as making sure we were learning. I hope I can be half as inspiring as she was.