Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Currently

I'm a few days late on my August Currently, but I had to get it up! I've been busy helping out with my school's enrollment so my kinder kids could sign up for their Kinder Screener, plus it's fair time right now! So much going on right before I have to go back to work this coming week.

Listening - It's kind of a dreary Sunday which is perfect for watching movies and cuddling up, so that's exactly what I'm doing!

Loving - I'm loving my new classroom setup! I think it will work out really well this year. I still have a lot of things to do and put up in my room, but here is a peek at the arrangement.

My hubby helped me put up my tree in a new spot this year! I love how it turned out!
Blurt Alert Chart....starting the year off with it this time.
New library spot! 
I'm loving this new schedule I made! Much more appropriate for kinder with the pictures to accompany the words. Plus it's colorful chevron!!
Displaying my objectives here this year! 
The math word wall will go to the right of the objectives on the white board. 

New word wall letters I made!! Chevron, Dots, & Stripes on pink and green this year! I printed the words to go with them too that are in five different colors. I think they will be very nice because I can point out words much easier with the different colors under each letter. 

Thinking - Even though I am excited to start a new year, it's never easy to leave summer break behind. I have ONE more day (Monday) before I go back to work. We have a week of professional development and work days before the kids start.

Wanting - This all leads to my next point....I'm wanting the sun to come out and for it to act more like summer before summer is over! It has been raining nonstop around here lately....seriously we've had about 15 inches of rain in the past 13 days (or something like that)! Crrrrazy!!!! It was awesome at first, but now that I'm down to my final days of summer, I would rather be enjoying the sun poolside instead! :)

Needing - Needing....oh, I hope by next month's currently I will be able to take this one off! We are still needing to sell our old house. :(  This will be the first month of double mortgage payments, so we are really hoping something will happen soon! We went over to the old house yesterday and got everything out that we still needed to move (for the most part) and we painted the laundry room downstairs so it didn't look too basement-y. Now it should be ready for a new owner....fingers crossed and still praying!!

B2S Must Haves - 
1. Colorful Flair Pens - I LOVE these and of course anytime I can add a little color to something, it's a good thing! 
 2. A school calendar to keep me organized! I created this one and it's a freebie to all of my Facebook fans! I just got it printed off and it looks great! 
3. New school clothes!! I've stocked up on some cute dresses this summer for the school year that I'm really excited to wear! Gotta love back to school shopping!!! 

Alright, your turn! (Maybe...if you're behind like me!) Go link up with Farley for August Currently!

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  2. Your room looks amazing! I hope you have a great year!

    A+ Classroom Creations

  3. I love colorful flair pens! Good luck with your new classroom arrangement.
    Kari :)