Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Full Week of FUN!

As I'm soaking up the end of my quick weekend, I wanted to get up a post about our fabulous first week of kindergarten. Just a warning....the MANY pictures will hopefully do a good job of explaining our week. :)

Every morning we started at the carpet and taught/reviewed how to unpack and where our things go. Then the kiddos played with my homemade play dough until we came back to the carpet to teach/review rules and procedures (that's a very basic overview of our morning before our specials). After specials, we had about an hour to do a guided discovery before recess and lunch. We learned how to use our crayons, scissors, glue, pencils, and dry erase markers. Here are the activities we did for our scissors and glue guided discoveries. 

 This cute idea is from Caitlin over at Kindergarten Smiles. The kiddos loved making small glue dots and covering them in glitter. They really turned out cute too! :)
After lunch, it was time for our daily story. We focused our afternoon activities on a different book each day. 

Day 1: Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes
We started day one off with a bang! If you've been reading or following me on Instagram, you may know that my back to school theme was all about this cool cat, Pete! We just had to do a school tour looking for Pete the Cat to kick off the school year. Pete left us a note in his book that we found after reading it and it took us on a tour of the school as we tried to find him. The kids were SOOOO excited, but maybe a little bummed when we came back to our classroom to find out Pete had already left to go back to his school.....BUT, did we worry?! GOODNESS, NO!! :)

 I forgot to take a picture of the note he left outside our classroom, but he left us a coloring sheet!

The cute tour idea I can't take full credit for. I tweaked the tour notes Michelle at Inspired by Kindergarten made to fit our school and schedule. 

Day 2: David Goes to School
 We talked about what makes a great student after reading the story. Then we each made a page to our classroom book about what we should and shouldn't do at school. This led into talking about our classroom rules as well. 

Day 3: The Kissing Hand
We made our own kissing hands at school and then sent home the construction paper and hearts for someone at home to make a kissing hand for their student to keep at school. We hung them up in their cubbies. Aren't they so cute?! We also did a cut and paste activity about how we felt on the first day of school. 

Day 4: Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
 We had sticky notes on our bucket of examples that were bucket fillers and bucket dippers. Then we went through them and decided which ones were bucket filling examples and kept them on our bucket. We took off the bucket dipper comments and then added more ideas of bucket fillers. 

Day 5: There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books
I didn't take pictures of all the activities with this book, but here is the emergent reader with school supplies and colors. This is one of the few items in my "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books and Other Back to School Activities" pack on TpT. 

It was quite the eventful week and I'm sure my poor kinder babies were exhausted after a full first week of full days. I know their teacher was tired! I laid down Friday night around 7:45 to take a short cat nap and told my hubby to wake me up at 8:30. Welllll....apparently he told me it was 8:30 and I was OUT because I don't remember him telling me that! I woke up around 10:30 and wondered why he didn't wake me up! Haha! Then I just went to bed! :)

Here's to a great week #2!!! 

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  1. Definitely looks like it was a fun week! :) Our students start two days after Labor Day so I'm happily looking through so many great blogs for 'new to me' ideas.
    I use all these books, too, as I'm sure many of us Kinder teachers do. ;) I LOVE your Kissing Hand from home idea. Do you send home a letter explaining what it is you'd like for the family to do?
    Thank you for sharing your first full week of school! :)

  2. I love the kissing hand idea and I pinned it to remember next year! Sounds like a busy and productive first week.

    Donna W.