Monday, September 23, 2013

FALL is HERE...and so are my Fall Math Stations!!

Does the school year seem to be flying already for the rest of you like it is for me?! WOW!! I've got such a great class this year too, so it's been a lot smoother than my first year and so much fun! In honor of the first week of fall, I thought I would share with you my fall math stations that I'm so excited to begin using with my kiddos soon! I just finished getting them prepared and I had two of my nieces come over and try them out for me. They were so cute and kept saying how fun they were! Here's a preview of 8 out of the 12 stations that are in my Fall into 12 Math Stations pack on TpT...and they are Common Core Aligned!!! Double YAY! 

I put easy-to-read, kid friendly directions in the pack for each station. It helps make the stations as independent as possible and I include them in my baggies for each station when I put them together. Plus these activities will be used throughout the year just practicing with different skills. That helps keep the "how to" teaching of new math stations to a minimum and gives them more time to practice!! All of the activities in this fall pack are aligned to what my school district teaches in the fall of our school year and I'm sure most if not all would be similar to what most kindergarten classes are learning in the fall. 

**Recording sheets are included for most activities if you choose to use them!

Station 1: Fall Shape Sort - they are sorting the shapes by whether they are flat or solid. Of course you could use these shape cards to sort them in other ways as well if you kiddos aren't ready for this or they are beyond this skill.
 Station 2: Don't Get Scared by the Scarecrow - This is kind of like the game of War card game with a twist. They each draw a card and whoever has the higher card, keeps the cards. Then if they draw the "AHH!" card, they have to return all of their cards back to the main pile and throw the "AHH!" card out (that way the game can eventually end). You can put as many of those cards in the deck as you want to make the game last a little longer.
 Station 3: Scarecrow Loves Fall Ten Frames - Match the ten frames to the numeral and record. A variety of recording sheets are included to provide differentiation to those learners that need extra assistance. 
 Station 4: It's An Apple Pickin' Good Time! - This activity works on one more and one less. You could use the cards that have two numbers missing, the cards that have one number missing, or both depending on where your learners are at. The number line is a nice tool to use to help them check their work.
 Station 5: Sorting Silly Leaves - See how many different ways your kiddos can sort the silly leaves. Size and shape are just a couple of ways, but maybe your kiddos can come up with some other creative ways!
 Station 6: Mouse's Collections - Fall mouse likes to collect pumpkins and sunflowers. He has five altogether, so how many different combinations could he have? This is a great decomposing activity to use for the number five which includes a five frame and pumpkin and sunflower manipulatives. 
 They can also check their combinations when they are finished to see if they are correct using the Answer Key!
 Station 7: I Must "Leaf" You To Shake & Spill - Another great decomposing activity. You can differentiate this activity by choosing the number your students are ready for. Some may be ready to decompose 10 and others may just be ready for 5. Give them counters or candy (to make it fun) and have them shake them either in their hand or a cup and spill them on the leaf mat. Then they count how many landed on the leaf and how many landed off of the leaf and record their combinations to see how many they can come up with.
 Station 8: Autumn Roll & Cover - Again, you can use counters or candy to cover up the numbers after they roll the dice. This activity can work on subitzing with the dice. When students become good at subitizing, they can read the dice without counting the dots each time they roll. It's a great number recognition and subitizing activity. This could be played with a partner or by themselves. If played with a partner, it would be important to use two different colored counters to see who covers the most leaves. 
These are just 8 of the 12 math stations included in this fall pack, so check back as fall rolls on to see the others or get the pack for yourself and your kinders. I will post again as my kiddos practice these skills in our math stations so you can see them in action again, but if you'd like to grab them, I will be putting them on sale for 24 hours only! Get them cheap while you can!! 

Happy Fall Y'all!! The weather has been fabulous in Kansas lately, so I'm loving it! 
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rainbow Names!

This week we made rainbow names to put up in our classroom. This is the first time I've done this project, so like any new project, I wonder and hope it won't be a complete bomb! :-P 
I was pleasantly surprised at how well my students did with following directions and making their names. I can already tell it's going to be a great year!! YAY!!! :)

Since we already have a rainbow (or colorful) theme to our classroom and our main bulletin board in our room has cloud paper on it, I thought this would be the perfect activity to do and last all year! This bulletin board is very high in our classroom, so it's nice to just have something that can stay up all year. Plus my tree is connected to it as well. Anyway, here's how we made our names. 

I wrote out the names in crayon so the students knew which color to put for each letter of their name. Then I cut them out into the shape of clouds. 
 One of my parent volunteers cut up all of these tiny squares for me and I have plenty of extras for next year! It probably would have been smarter to put each color in a bowl, but surprisingly the kids did a pretty decent job of not mixing the colors up too much. Plus I didn't have any bowls to use...either way, it worked fine to just put all the colors on a white piece of paper in the middle of each table. 
 I modeled how to just trace one letter with glue at a time and place the small squares so all the glue gets covered. We made sure not to push really hard when we placed the squares on. Instead we just tapped them on lightly with our fingers! 

 Finally, I was so excited to get them hung up and they turned out ADORABLE!!!! They look great among the clouds on our bulletin board! :)

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Instagram has been my best friend since school has started. It's so quick and easy to share ideas. If you want the first look into what we are up to, I would follow me on Instagram so you don't miss a thing! :)

Tomorrow is a plan day for me, so I hope to get a lot done and prepare for the weeks ahead! Have a super Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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