Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rainbow Names!

This week we made rainbow names to put up in our classroom. This is the first time I've done this project, so like any new project, I wonder and hope it won't be a complete bomb! :-P 
I was pleasantly surprised at how well my students did with following directions and making their names. I can already tell it's going to be a great year!! YAY!!! :)

Since we already have a rainbow (or colorful) theme to our classroom and our main bulletin board in our room has cloud paper on it, I thought this would be the perfect activity to do and last all year! This bulletin board is very high in our classroom, so it's nice to just have something that can stay up all year. Plus my tree is connected to it as well. Anyway, here's how we made our names. 

I wrote out the names in crayon so the students knew which color to put for each letter of their name. Then I cut them out into the shape of clouds. 
 One of my parent volunteers cut up all of these tiny squares for me and I have plenty of extras for next year! It probably would have been smarter to put each color in a bowl, but surprisingly the kids did a pretty decent job of not mixing the colors up too much. Plus I didn't have any bowls to use...either way, it worked fine to just put all the colors on a white piece of paper in the middle of each table. 
 I modeled how to just trace one letter with glue at a time and place the small squares so all the glue gets covered. We made sure not to push really hard when we placed the squares on. Instead we just tapped them on lightly with our fingers! 

 Finally, I was so excited to get them hung up and they turned out ADORABLE!!!! They look great among the clouds on our bulletin board! :)

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Instagram has been my best friend since school has started. It's so quick and easy to share ideas. If you want the first look into what we are up to, I would follow me on Instagram so you don't miss a thing! :)

Tomorrow is a plan day for me, so I hope to get a lot done and prepare for the weeks ahead! Have a super Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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