Monday, October 28, 2013

Boo-tiful Fall Giveaway!!

Let's get in the Halloween spirit with a "boo-tiful fall giveaway" shall we?! I have reached a personal milestone in a few places - TpT, Instagram, and Facebook just to name a few, and I wanted to thank all of you for your continuous support no matter how big or small it may be! I truly appreciate it, so please enter in the giveaway for a chance to win some awesome prizes! I would LOVE to give back to you! Classroom Friendly Supplies has donated a free pencil sharpener to the giveaway and I am offering 3 chance to win THREE products from my store! If you haven't read about my review on this amazing pencil sharpener, please check it out here! It's amazing!!! My para can sharpen pencils during class and not even disturb me while I'm teaching! It's so nice!! Plus the kids LOVE how sharp their pencil is. Seriously, they are spoiled now because they don't want a pencil that was sharpened by our other sharpener because it's not sharp enough! 

This is how the giveaway will work, I will choose three winners at the end of the giveaway (November 5 at 12am) and one will be the "Grand Prize" winner getting the pencil sharpener AND three products. The other two winners will also receive three products from my store, but not the pencil sharpener. As an added bonus, my store will be on sale for two days (once at the beginning of the giveaway and once at the end). Now, what are you waiting for?! Enter in!! Good luck, and again, THANK YOU!!!

Another bonus is available to all of my Facebook followers. I posted a new freebie in the "Fan Freebie" tab at the top. It is posters for a Cupcake Sentence Analogy. Check it out by becoming a Facebook fan because it is only available to those that like my Keepin' It Krazy Facebook page!

Have a great week!!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday {Senses, Shapes, Pumpkins, Bats, & a Funny}

It's been a while since I've linked up, but here I am on one of the shortest teaching weeks of the year! We only had kids three days due to parent/teacher conferences, but we did so much fun stuff! Time to share...
We started off on Monday expanding on our Five Senses unit. We did some blind taste testing in the morning, and then in the afternoon we did a lesson on labeling. The kids thought this was HILARIOUS!!!! They had so much fun. Not sure who had this original idea, but I've seen it on many blogs and it's genius! 

 We did the labeling activity to lead into labeling our five senses. I went ahead and added this to my 5 Senses Writing Booklet on TpT. One for the boys...
 and one for the girls!
 In math, we finished up our unit about shapes by completing this 2D Shape Booklet - Cut/Paste activity. We cut out and pasted a real life example for each of the five shapes we learn in kindergarten. 

 Which leads me to link up with Kreative in Kinder for her "Kids say the funniest things!" This wasn't actually "said" but it was written and you've gotta love it! "A hexagon has sex sides and sex vertices." 

 Tuesday was pumpkin day. First, we recorded what we already knew about pumpkins in brown. Then we read Pumpkin Circle and recorded what we learned in green. 
 For math, we cut open a pie pumpkin and counted the seeds using our sorting mat.
Then we used our seeds in an art activity to show what the inside of a pumpkin looked like.

 We got to read one of our favorite types of books, "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!" 
 Then we filled out our own emergent reader of the story using our Old Lady word wall! They always take so much pride in their books. :)
 The last day was about bats and unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, but we started the day off recording what we already knew about bats (in purple). I was shocked at how much they already knew to be honest! Smart cookies I tell ya!!! Then we read a nonfiction book about bats and recorded what we learned (in green). 
For math we read "Five Little Bats Flying in the Night" and we made our own bats on sticks so we could act out the story and use them as our manipulatives to act out subtraction stories. 
Then my teacher aide from K-State came and taught an art lesson where the students made bats out of paper plates. I'm so bummed I didn't take pictures of both of these because they were so much fun!! Maybe I'll have to add some examples later! :)

Anyway, for it being a "short week" we seemed to cram a lot in and have loads of fun. I should also add how all of my conferences went great and everyone showed up! Such a great feeling to have positive teacher-parent relationships and be able to be honest and know that they understand exactly where I'm coming from! 
As far as my day off today, I was definitely ready to rest up! By the way....I met a personal milestone on TpT, so I wanted to do some sort of giveaway. I may have something in the works, so stay tuned! Have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Silly Scarecrows & Cubby Fairies!

I feel as if I am neglecting this poor little blog lately! I'll try to do better, but again, Instagram has just been my best way of sharing information/ideas fast! Maybe I need to do an Instagram run down post on occasion! Well anyway, here's a quick post about the silly scarecrows we made last week and our cubby fairies!

We have just begun talking about shapes, so on Friday we made some scarecrows out of shapes! I saw a post on Instagram from A Teeny Tiny Teacher and it inspired me to make these! Super easy for kinder, but the kids loved it!! 

Another thing my kids have been obsessing about lately (ever since I did this a few weeks ago) is the cubby fairy! We have tables for our desks, so all of my students' things go in their cubby. Although I expect them to keep a lot of things in their cubby, I also expect them to keep it tidy so they can find what they need. Sometimes that's difficult so then came.....the cubby fairy! I told my kids that I was going to call the cubby fairy because our cubbies were looking a little messy. Some believed me, some didn't, but you better believe the next morning....ALL of them believed me! :) 

I whipped up these cute little notes the night before and added a little pixie dust to them (glittery nail polish) and put them in their cubbies early the next morning! They were soooo excited and couldn't believe it! Every student received a note, but only the clean cubbies received the "WOW" note with a treat. If it was messy, the note told them it was a too messy and she couldn't find a clean place to put the treat.

I must admit I was a little worried I would have some tears or some upset kiddos, but to my surprise it only motivated them to clean up their cubby so the cubby fairy could come back and give them a treat next time! They are still talking about it and wondering when the cubby fairy will be coming back.  Speaking of which, it might be time to call her up again! :) 

I just added this to my store in case you are interested (just click the picture below)! There are notes for cubbies and for desks. 

Until next time....which hopefully won't be so long...have a great week!!!
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