Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Silly Scarecrows & Cubby Fairies!

I feel as if I am neglecting this poor little blog lately! I'll try to do better, but again, Instagram has just been my best way of sharing information/ideas fast! Maybe I need to do an Instagram run down post on occasion! Well anyway, here's a quick post about the silly scarecrows we made last week and our cubby fairies!

We have just begun talking about shapes, so on Friday we made some scarecrows out of shapes! I saw a post on Instagram from A Teeny Tiny Teacher and it inspired me to make these! Super easy for kinder, but the kids loved it!! 

Another thing my kids have been obsessing about lately (ever since I did this a few weeks ago) is the cubby fairy! We have tables for our desks, so all of my students' things go in their cubby. Although I expect them to keep a lot of things in their cubby, I also expect them to keep it tidy so they can find what they need. Sometimes that's difficult so then came.....the cubby fairy! I told my kids that I was going to call the cubby fairy because our cubbies were looking a little messy. Some believed me, some didn't, but you better believe the next morning....ALL of them believed me! :) 

I whipped up these cute little notes the night before and added a little pixie dust to them (glittery nail polish) and put them in their cubbies early the next morning! They were soooo excited and couldn't believe it! Every student received a note, but only the clean cubbies received the "WOW" note with a treat. If it was messy, the note told them it was a too messy and she couldn't find a clean place to put the treat.

I must admit I was a little worried I would have some tears or some upset kiddos, but to my surprise it only motivated them to clean up their cubby so the cubby fairy could come back and give them a treat next time! They are still talking about it and wondering when the cubby fairy will be coming back.  Speaking of which, it might be time to call her up again! :) 

I just added this to my store in case you are interested (just click the picture below)! There are notes for cubbies and for desks. 

Until next time....which hopefully won't be so long...have a great week!!!
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