Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween & Giveaway FUN!

The Boo-tiful Fall Giveaway ended late last night. I got home late tonight after a meeting, so I just posted the winners to my Facebook page! Congrats to Breanne, LaNessa, and Melinda for winning the three prizes!!! Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone that participated! It means a lot and I probably wouldn't keep blogging without all of your support! As I promised, my TpT store will be on sale all day tomorrow (November 6th), so if you didn't win, you can snatch up some items at a cheaper price!

This year for halloween, our staff vote was to stay at school instead of going to a pumpkin patch like we have done in years past. The afternoon was all halloween on Thursday. We watched a halloween movie in the gym with all of the students, then we came back to our rooms and got changed into our costumes, paraded through the rooms to show them off, and had a quick party within our own classrooms. I must admit, they looked pretty cute in their costumes! :)

This is my awesome para that I have this year! She keeps me sane and gives me the comic relief that we so often need throughout the day! :)

My sister-in-law made these awesome super teacher shirts that I designed. Our school theme this year is about being a super hero for our kids, so many of the teachers and staff dressed up as super heroes. I figured this would be a cute shirt that I could wear past halloween too! I shared the idea with our staff and they seemed to love it too! This is just a few of the "super staff" members at my school! They are all pretty amazing...I must say! :)

Oh and by the way, the super dreaded Friday after halloween school day really wasn't as bad as I had imagined. They were actually pretty calm! Must have been a sugar coma or something! I was exhausted though, that's for sure!!! How do you celebrate halloween at your school? We are always up for new ideas.

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