Sunday, November 24, 2013

Support Staff Appreciation Celebration!

This week we had our support staff appreciation celebration. I was in charge of this event for my committee and I was pretty pleased with how it all turned out! My committee is the BOMB!! We work so well together and everyone helps out, so it makes it quick and easy!! :) 

We did a mustache theme, provided a breakfast for them, and a photo booth with fun props! They all had a blast and we got so many compliments. I'd say that's a WIN! Check out the cute photos from the celebration!

These are the invitations that I made.

 Lounge decor with mustaches hanging from the ceiling, photo booth props on the tables, support staff pictures with an added mustache, and so much more! 

It was pretty fun putting mustaches on all of them! Aren't they cute?! ;)

 Don't they look like they're enjoying themselves?!

I had to snag a pic in the photo booth with my para! 

My kiddos and I made this card for our AWESOME para! My parent volunteer was there in the morning too, so I had her pull out one kiddo at a time and they wrote why Mrs. Riley is SO awesome on a white board. Then she took their picture with them holding it and I put all the pictures in a video. We showed it to her at the end of the day and she loved it! :)

Do you celebrate your support staff?! If so, what fun things do you do?!

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