Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently

Hello December!!! Boy, have you just snuck up on me! Such a fun, feel-good time of year so I won't complain. :)

It's time to link up with Farley's Currently for December! See what I've been up to and keep reading until the end to hear about a couple other exciting things!

Listening to Christmas movies...really just movies in general, almost all weekend long thanks to the holidays and free HBO weekend! :)

Loving our new tree! We went on black Friday (later in the day) to look for a new tree to put in our new home. We found the perfect one...a "forever" tree for our family! It's full, the perfect size, and just beautiful! I'm so excited to have it and sometimes get caught gazing at it while watching TV at night. Did I just type that?! Haha, I know, weird right?! I just love it!

Thinking about how wonderful this break was! I had so much fun with both of our families, chatting, playing games, laughing, eating, and just enjoying every minute! I laughed so much last night playing Apples to Apples with my family. Is laughing a calorie burner?! I hope so, then I won't feel so bad about all that food I ate! ;)

Wanting...another day of break! Who doesn't?! It was so wonderful, but it always seems just one day too short. It will be great to go back and see my kiddos though and these next 3 weeks are going to fly!!

Needing....umm...I hate to admit this one, but I'm needing to get my plans done for the week! YIKES!! I'm telling you, one more day and I'd be good! I guess I better hurry up with this post and get to it, huh?!

Favorite Tradition - I love starting a new tradition with my hubby. Every year we decorate our home together and crank the Christmas music! It's such a fun way to get in the spirit. One tradition that I dearly miss would be my dad's side of the family Christmas because our family is huge, so we'd rent a hall, have dinner, Santa would come (imagine that excitement every year as a kid!), 20+ women would do a women's gift exchange, and 20+ men would do a men's gift exchange! It was so much fun, but now that both of my grandparents on that side are no longer with us, the family decided to do a reunion instead. This is the second year without it, and I miss it so much!

Okay, a couple more things! I'm sure you've heard, the CYBER SALE on TpT is on Monday & Tuesday! My whole store will be 28% off with the code CYBER. I have my shopping cart full and ready to check out too, so don't miss out!!

These are a couple of fun, winter items that I just added to my store! I'm super excited about them and ready to share them with my kinders! You should check them out! 


Last, but not least, I have donated to a wonderful fund raiser to help those affected by the Central Illinois tornadoes. Take a look at the many different bundles on TpT. The bundle my product is in is here. Please consider finding the best bundle for you and purchasing to help all those affected. Plus you are in for some AMAZING products no matter which bundle you choose! 

Have a great week!
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  1. I am feeling you on wanting another day off work to squeeze in a few more of those Christmasy things we need to do! I've never played the game Apples-to-Apples, I'll have to check it out for our Christmas Eve party.

    Best Wishes on a Wonderful Week!
    :) Antonia @ forkin4th

  2. Love your tree!


  3. I could completely copy your currently except for the tree. We have two new kittens who decided ours looks better horizontal. Love the colors on yours. As a kid, we had a large family Christmas get together with all my cousins, too. I do miss that for my own children but we are making new traditions. Have a great week -whatever you plan!

  4. Your new tree is beautiful! I also love watching Christmas movies. The Hallmark Channel has been on in my house quite a lot this season. Right now, I'm counting down the days until Christmas Break!

    The Reinspired Teacher