Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Elf Shenanigans & Christmas Crafts!

It’s not too late to post about all of the fun that went on the last week of school before break yet, right?! Yeah, I didn’t think so! I took so many pictures and wanted to share them all, but there was ZERO motivation when the break actually began! Are you with me?! So, first off I wanted to share our elf shenanigans. This was the first year I brought the “Elf on the Shelf” idea into the classroom. It was a fairly last minute decision, so I don’t feel like I truly did it justice, but it was a fine attempt! Haha! Hey, the kids came in every morning excited to see where our elf, Snowflake, was at and they loved it...sooo I guess that’s a win in their book! :)

Some of these I shared on Instagram, but here are most of the things our little elf did this year in room 106! 

Unfortunately on the very last day, someone touched our elf!!!! Ahhh, why now? When he’s ready to go back home to the North Pole? Oh, no!!! Everyone was so worried, but I told them I would run to the store and buy some Elf Magic while they went to watch the Christmas movie in the afternoon. Whew! Thank goodness for the movie, so I had time to whip up the Elf Magic container. Thankfully I read Amanda’s post over at Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten and had this plan ready if it were to ever happen. Hers was much cuter, but the kids bought into it so we were saved!! Thank goodness! 

We wrote our goodbye letters to Snowflake on our last day too! They were so cute! 
Now on to our Christmas Crafts!! First of all, I can't believe how FAST that last week went! I planned for so much more than I actually made it to, but it was a fun week. One of the crafts I wanted to make sure we made it to was my Christmas Cat activity with Mr. Pete! We read Pete the Cat Saves Christmas and then made these cute Christmas Cats. They wrote a letter to Santa in the middle and it was so much fun reading them! They did a great job and they turned out adorable!! Click on the picture to take a read for yourself! 

For our Christmas party this year, we had a Christmas Craft Extravaganza! We set up in the library and the kiddos could go to whichever station they wanted to (as long as there was an empty seat). They did really good and loved making all of these adorable crafts!!

For our parent gift, we made these adorable ornaments that have been floating around Pinterest! We painted their hands and stamped them on ornaments. Then they decorated their fingers to look like snowmen. We did have a slight hiccup with this though because the first go around we used tempera paint and when they dried it all flaked off! :( Soooo, thankfully our friends down the hall were doing the same thing and one of my parents from last year and some of our paras came down to help re-do everybody with acrylic paint and then sprayed them so they would dry instantly. That worked MUCH better! 

Now I'll leave you with a pic from the last day before break! It was ugly sweater day and doesn't my para make the cutest little Christmas tree?! ;)

I hope you all had a fabulous time with your kids before break and an equally fabulous Christmas!! 

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