Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gingerbread Baby Scavenger QR Code Hunt!

This last Thursday was our Fake Friday with our students since we had our district professional development on Friday. It was quite a fun fake Friday if you ask me! We read Jan Brett's "Gingerbread Baby" and then made our very own gingerbread babies. 

 Luckily I had a wonderful, willing parent to make the sugar cookie dough for both kinder classrooms. Then all we had to do was roll out the dough and each kiddo got to cut out their gingerbread girl or boy and name them. 

While I had one table come up at a time to cut out their cookie, the rest of the class was designing what they wanted their gingerbread baby to look like on paper. 

It was so fun listening to their names and I can't wait for them to meet our elf this week and give him a name!! 

While the cookies were baking, we went ahead and had our learning labs. Then we put them on a cooling rack and went to recess while they cooled. 

When we came back, (thinking we were going to decorate our cookies and eat them) they were GONE!!! They did leave a note though with a QR code on it for us to read. The kids were so funny! I wish I could remember all the cute comments they made. They were so into it and ready to find their gingerbread babies before they got hurt running around the school. Their pure belief and innocence is what makes this age one of the best! I love their enthusiasm with things like this. :)

We split up into two groups to go hunting for our gingerbread babies and it was so hard to keep them calm and slow them down because they were SOOO excited tip-toeing running through the halls toward the next clue. We used the clues given to us through the QR codes and figured out where our next stop would be. Our first stop was the office!

When we got back to our classroom, there they were, waiting for us at our desks ready to be decorated! 

I love making these fun memories in kindergarten with these kids! These are the types of things they will remember forever and that's what it's all about! :)

Does anybody else use "Gingerbread Baby" in your classroom? If so, what do you do?! I would love to hear!! 

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