Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tricky Teens!

This week we started learning about those tricky teen numbers. I wanted to share a couple of things we did that I found to be helpful. Our first day, we introduced all of the teen numbers as "ten and some more." To do this, we used ten frames, counters, and place value layering cards. We would fill up our ten frame and lay out the "10" card. Then for each teen number, we made it with the counters and showed the numeral by layering the place value cards. For example, if we were making 15, we would place the "5" card on top of the zero of the "10" card to show what the numeral looks like. Then we would know fifteen is "10 and 5" and add 5 more counters to go with our full ten frame. Make sense? It's a nice concrete way for the kiddos to see how that number is made and what it looks like.

After going through the numbers together, we went back to practice with a partner. One partner got to choose the "some more" card and the other partner had to make the teen number with the counters. Then they would switch. At this point, I really focused and wanted the kids to call these numbers 10 and ____ instead of the name we call them (eleven, fifteen, nineteen, etc.). This way they truly understand what the number is and can relate it to ten. Not to mention those silly teen words don't seem to make much sense to them at this age. It's no wonder they want to write 81 for eighteen because you hear the eight part first. I'm hoping this will help relieve some of that confusion. This is the first time I've taught the teen numbers this way, so it will be interesting to see the difference as we continue on. I would love to hear how you introduce the teen numbers too, so comment away! :)

Now we are going over each teen number in depth, so we are making them again but one at a time. We are using my "Teaching the Teens" sheet to practice each number. I had the ten frame, counters, and place value cards on the smart board while we filled out the worksheet together as seen below.

Hopefully this gave you some new ideas to help your kiddos learn the teens, and if you're interested you can get the place value layering cards and the teen worksheets in my store (just click the pictures below). 


The layering cards are FREE {yay!} and the teen worksheets are one of my best sellers. Again, please share any ideas you have on teaching those tricky teens in the comments! I would LOVE to hear them! :)

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