Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently!

I am linking up again with Farley to start off February! Check out my Currently!

Listening to Pitch Perfect! LOVE the music in this movie! :)

Loving that I have a weekend off...and it was much needed!

Thinking about making some products today and hoping I'll keep the motivation to finish at least one! 

Wanting a snow day this week because if we have to endure another big snow it better be worth it! Plus, our 100th day falls on a Thursday this year so if there is a snow day it will be on FRIDAY! That sounds much better!

Needing to get ready for our Super Bowl party! We throw one every year, but we weren't going to do it this year since the icky Broncos are playing! Haha! Then we were asked by friends if we were going to have one and we changed our minds last minute. It should be a fun, thrown together night! :)

2 Truths: I did go to college to be an interior designer and then switched to music education which finally led me back to elementary education. When I was little I always wanted to be a teacher and would play school ALL the time! Then in middle school I changed my vision to wanting to be either an architect or interior designer. Once I went to orientation I knew right away that interior design wasn't for me, so I decided to go into music which only lasted a semester. I still managed to graduate college in 3.5 years! Crazy, I know!
I also have over 100 cousins! That's what happens when your mom is one of 12 kids and your dad is one of 9 kids and I absolutely LOVE it! :)

1 Fib: I do not have a pet dog. In fact, we don't have any pets. I'm not a big animal/pet person even though my husband is. I grew up on a farm and the pets stayed outside! Haha! I think maybe someday I could do a little dog, but we shall wait and see!

Now it's your turn! Go link up with your Currently over at Farley's blog. Have a great weekend and fantastic February!

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