Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Currently!

Well February was FAST, huh?! So fast that I haven't blogged since last Currently......WHOOPS! ;)
It's now a new month and a new start that always begins with Farley's Currently! Here is my March Currently and a pledge to blog a little more this month! 
Most of these are self explanatory, but here we go...
Listening to my husband watch the KSU game. He usually gets pretty fired up and is yelling at the TV every once in a while, but he's surprisingly pretty quiet tonight on such a close game! Haha! Maybe I'm speaking typing too soon! ;)

Loving a chance to relax...the weather is starting to get nasty with yet another snow storm moving in, so I'm glad we did our errands and went to church tonight! Now I can stay warm and cozy inside the rest of the weekend. 

Thinking - #PFCG (Pray for Carly Gassman). I cannot stop thinking about a young woman in our community who is a freshman at K-State and is battling cancer. She has been fighting for almost 2 years and things just took a turn for the worse. She has been given only a few days to live and has been in and out of a coma the last few days. I BELIEVE in the power of prayer and if you do too, I would love for you to keep Carly and her family in your prayers. We are praying for a miracle and praying for strength for her family! I can't even imagine what they are going through. It's heartbreaking to see such a beautiful, kind, and strong girl go through something like this. 

Conferences are this week for us and I'm wanting them to be over. There's a chance we may have a snow day on Monday and then that would put conferences back another week possibly. As much as I would love a snow day, I'm also ready to be done with conferences! :)

Needing internet back at school. We have been without internet for over a week and that's a big inconvenience especially when we need to get report cards done! It's amazing how much we rely on internet these days. answer to the mystery question is countertop, building, and fence! I bet that's not too hard to figure out! :)

Have a great week and stay warm! 
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  1. Hey girl! I can't imagine not having internet for over a week at school.. I mean e-mails, google, the occasional check of Pinterest! :] Hmm.. I am thinking that you fixing up your house a little bit?? If so, good for you! Hope it works out great..

  2. I'm with Laura, you're remodeling? So fun! We've had times where we've been without internet at school, but never for longer than a few hours or a day at the most. It would be crazy without it! I hope yours comes back soon.