Thursday, March 6, 2014

March FUN with Art! Plus a FREEBIE!

I love teaching in March! There's a lot to look forward to with spring on its way and St. Patrick's day fun...not to mention spring break in there too! :) 

Next week the leprechauns start coming to our classroom and it is so much fun! We read "The Naughty Leprechaun" story and get a special coin to tell us whether the naughty or nice leprechaun will visit that night. You can read about how that all worked in my classroom last year here.
To get our hallway ready for March, we did a couple fun activities this week. We made these clovers and wrote about why we are lucky. They turned out super cute and you can do it with your kiddos too! I posted the freebie in my store! Please leave some love if you get a chance to use it. :)

Then the next day, we painted rainbows to brighten up our hallway! The kids love to paint and we seriously don't do it enough. It just so happened to be class picture day on the day we were painting and our staff decided to wear white shirts. Great planning huh?! Haha! I must have been very LUCKY because I didn't get any paint on my white shirt, although I'm sure I looked a little silly dancing around the kids' paintbrushes! Can't you picture it?! 

They turned out pretty cute and they enjoyed it! 

Some more March fun is on the way too because I finished up our March Math Stations. There are 10 fun math stations all aligned to the Common Core. We will use these all March long so it's not too late to get them ready for your room too! Catch them while they are on sale if you're needing some new math stations! :)
I hope you enjoy teaching this March as much as I will! 
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