Thursday, May 1, 2014

SEA How We've Grown!

We have been having all kinds of ocean fun this week in kindergarten! This time of year can be so fun with how much the kiddos are doing and showing what they've learned all year. I love seeing their amazing work because it truly shows how much they've grown! It's AWESOME and so rewarding!! Tonight we had our kindergarten round-up and our schools in review night. We decided to combine the two this year and we had an amazing turn out at our round-up! Many more than last year and get this....we have 4 sets of twins!! Crazy huh?! There aren't that many twins in our school, and now we'll have that many in one grade! So neat! :)  For schools in review, we invite the community to come in our school and see our students' work. Kids love bringing their parents in to show them what they've done! Here's a peek at what we've been up to...

Sea pictures that we drew with crayon and painted over with water color...

Fishy stories and handprint fish! So cute! Their stories were awesome, too! Makes me so proud... 

Addition Jellyfish! I gave groups of students a fact family and they had to come up with an addition equation using the fact family I gave them. They wrote it on their white boards, got it checked, painted their plate, and picked the streamers to match their equation. Some of them are a little overlapped, but they all showed their equation correctly! I love how these completed our ocean theme in the hallway! 

 Along with all of this, we had our "how to" writing books displayed and our animal research PowerPoints displayed tonight. So proud of this group of almost first graders....crazy to think the year is almost over! We are busy practicing our dance and song for kindergarten graduation. It's going to be super cute, but I must say, I'm definitely going to miss this group of kids. They are such a sweet bunch! Good luck and HAVE FUN with the rest of your school year everybody! :)

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