Monday, June 23, 2014

Kinder Graduation 2014!

It has been almost a month ago that we celebrated our kindergarten graduation, but hey, better late than never to blog about it right?! It was a fun and fabulous day that our little kinders first graders will remember forever! ;-)

We have a little picnic lunch with our families in our school courtyard which the kiddos LOVE!! Then when we all finish up, we gather all the kiddos up for our small ceremony. The kinder graduation is all held outside and luckily we've had great weather both years. Take a peek at what our graduation looks like!

Our principal started off by saying a few words. 
Then we sang our graduation song to the tune of "Summer Nights" off of Grease! Too cute!

...and did a little "Happy" dance! 
Finally it was time to hand out our certificates and send them off to 1st grade!! *tear*
These are the graduation certificates I made for this year...
My teaching partner the past two years. She is going back to being an academic coach in our district and will be missed at Lincoln next year!
My fabulous para that I had all year long and hope to have again next year!!
The kindergarten team with our principal!

Do you have a kindergarten graduation? If so, what does it look like at your school? I'm curious... :-)

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  1. We do have a graduation. It has caps, gowns and pomp and circumstance just like the "big" kids. Then we have a cake/refreshments reception with the families. I had one of my class moms volunteer to make the cake this year and it was to die for. It was beyond cute and tasted great too! I love how you have a picnic lunch. I am going to mention that to our principal for next year. Thanks for sharing.

    Luv My Kinders