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Back to School Math Stations - Part 1

We had a great first week with our Back to School Math Stations! Before I show you the stations we are working on, I thought I would show you how I am organizing my math station rotations this year. Last year I put the student names on a pocket chart with their names next to the number they were going to that day (as seen here). This year I have it all on my SMART board, and it's so nice because I just have to notate which day we are on in my plans instead of moving names each day. Check it out...
On my daily routines SMART Notebook file, the first page looks like this. I will blog about this at another time to show you how much time it saves me, but notice the Math Stations link under the math note? The numbers are linked to the rotation day that we are on, so if it is the first day of these math stations I would click on 1 and it would take me to the slide you see below. 
 As you can see, once it takes me to the day we are on, the groups are already set and students can see the number station they are going to and what color their number is. The color is just as important as the number because the color tells them which table they bring their station to. In my classroom, I have five table groups that are colored green, red, blue, purple, and yellow. The students who are on orange are doing a write the room activity or their activity would be done at the carpet. So, the number is for the math station they are doing and the color is where they bring their math station. 
To the left, you will notice the other slides with days 1-12 since we do twelve rotations before new math stations are introduced. All the days are ready to go with the groups already rotated, so it makes it super easy on me (or a sub) since I just write in my plans which day we are on. Then I post it up on the SMART board for the students to find their name, number, and color.
Now for the stations we are working on! 

At stations 1 and 7, we are matching numerals to the correct amount of crayons. We are recording our puzzles on a recording sheet too!
At stations 2 and 8, we are playing a matching game using ten frames and crayons and then sorting school supplies by color. For the memory match game, we decided to keep the numerals out of the picture this time around. With our next set of math stations, we might do the same game but have the students match the numeral to the picture or ten frame. Many options for that station like even making it into a Go Fish game!
The students only do one of these stations, so in a 12 day rotation they only do it once whereas some of the other stations they will do twice. So the matching game might be station 2 and the sorting game might be station 8. 
 At stations 3 and 9, we are drawing a number and making it with our manipulatives at one and linking numbers in order at the other. The recording sheet is optional for the first one. For some of my kids, they need that little something extra and then others need to have less to focus on, so I just give them the cards and the manipulatives. 
 For the station where they link the numbers in order, some of them are ready to go all the way to 10 and others need to focus on 0-5. I change the amount of cards depending on who is at the station. So far, we have just introduced numbers 0-5 so that is the focus for all of them. They can check their work with the number line that you see in the picture.
 Stations 4 and 10 the students get to play a game called, Heading to School. It's a very simple game board, but they work on rolling the dice, counting the dots (or subitizing), and then counting/moving that many spaces. 
 For stations 5 and 11, the students are making numbers with play dough using these play dough mats. They form the numeral and then fill in the ten frame to represent the number.
 The last stations, 6 and 12, are the write the room stations where students put their recording sheet on their clipboard and find the pictures posted around the room. When they find the picture, they count how many are on the card and record it on the recording sheet. I have the answer key available for them when they finish to check their work. They love it!!
We only go to one station each day for about 15 minutes. When I ring the bell, they clean up their station by putting everything back in their bag and placing it in the correct drawer so they are ready to be used again tomorrow!
I can't say enough good things about this time in our day. The kids love it, I love it, and I'm always so impressed with how independently they work together. Did I mention we are only in our first week of math stations and they are already doing amazing?! Happy kids, happy teacher! :) 

If you would like to enjoy these stations with your kindergarteners, they are already made for you along with many other fun back to school math stations in this pack here. All aligned to the Common Core Standards, recording sheets, answer keys, and instruction cards provided with the standard posted on them. Here's a peek at another station that is included. We played this game as a class and with a partner this week as part of our math lesson. Very similar to a Fill the Chute game, but with a recess theme. They loved it and it will be part of our math stations in our next rotation.

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