Sunday, September 21, 2014

Literacy Centers - Fine Motor Skills

The past two weeks, our literacy center focus was fine motor skills. My teaching partner and I put together five centers that we felt would help our kids with fine motor skills and here I am to share those with you!

Yellow center: We practiced our cutting, coloring, and gluing skills with this bear in the woods activity. I believe my teaching partner got this out of a Carson Dellosa book that she has. The second week, we did a fish in the fish bowl activity since the students visit each center twice.

Purple center: Wet, Dry, Try! On our chalk boards, we practiced the letters we have learned by using a small, wet sponge to form the letter (using correct writing grip). Then they take a small, dry paper towel to trace the letter using the correct writing grip, and finally they take a small piece of chalk to write the letter. I encourage them to say the sound of the letter after they write it each way.

Blue center: Letter practice! With these sheets, the students trace, write, stamp, color, and find the letter they are working on. We encourage them to say the sound as they do each of these. The handwriting we use at our school is D’Nealian. I have these letter practice sheets in my TpT store for D’Nealian and regular print.
Red center: Letter monsters. The students made letters we have learned with play dough. Then using the googly eyes, they pushed them into the play dough letter to make their monster and say the sound the letter makes. After each letter, they have to use their little fingers to dig out the eyes and start forming a new letter.
Green center: Sequin letters. Each student had their own container full of rice and sequins mixed together. They had to use their tweezers to pick out only the sequins and form the letters we have learned. Doing this again, I would make sure the students have letter outlines in front of them so they can form the letters a little easier. The purpose was fine motor skills though, so they did get a lot of good practice with that! 
This week our focus is on sound identification and beginning sounds. I'm working on putting together a pack full of activities we can use for beginning sounds so that we can send it in to get printed and prepared for the next few rounds of literacy centers. Be back soon to share those with you!

Have a great week!
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  1. I love the letter monsters and the sequin letters! My boys would love the squiggly eyes to make monsters and I would love to make the rice and sequin station for fine motor skill practice!
    Thanks for the ideas!!!!!