Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Math Stations!

Our fall math stations are in full swing! I feel like I say this every time, but I LOVE this time of independent math practice during our day!! Check out what we've been working on...

A fall friendly shake and spill to make five.

 Scarecrow ten frame and number match.

 Greater than, less than, and equal to card game with a fun twist! 
 Draw, write, and make the number on a ten frame. This one also has a recording sheet for stamping instead of the ten frame, but we wanted to do all laminated sheets this year to avoid making so many copies!
 Flat and solid shape sort. It was so fun to hear them sorting today as they said aloud flat or solid for each picture. 
 Sorting silly fall leaves by shape and size.
 Working on greater than, less than, and equal to with this hiding fall mouse game. One player hides as the other one puts the fall mouse behind a number. 
 Then the player that was hiding, comes back around and asks questions like, is it greater than five? Is it less than three? 
 They narrow it down until they figure out which number the mouse is hiding behind.
 Autumn roll and cover. This can be played individually or with a partner. I played this today with one of my students and we had so much fun! I love the little leaf manipulatives. I scored those at Target last year in the dollar spot. Not sure if they have them again this year or not. 
 We always love our write the room station! Two different recording sheets go with this one. Either just writing the amount or writing the amount along with the number that comes before and after. 
These are all included in my Fall Math Stations pack along with a few more!! There are 12 stations total and they are all aligned to the Common Core! If you already have these, you will want to download the updated version for some additional recording sheets. I've found that laminating the recording sheets works so much better for us instead of making so many copies, so if you would rather have those, they are now included!
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