Friday, October 17, 2014

Literacy Centers - Letter Sounds

It’s been a few weeks since we were doing these letter sound literacy centers, but I finally got them posted in my store and ready to share with all of you! The kids were so excited about these centers! The first day I introduced them, we didn’t have time to actually go do them and the kiddos were so bummed!! You’ve gotta love their enthusiasm! J

Without further ado, here they are!

At our green table, the students enjoyed Spot it, Dot it with the letter sounds we were learning. They love using the BINGO daubers and it was a great way to practice letter identification and letter sounds. They had to say the sound the letter makes as they dot it with their BINGO dauber.

This Spin & Write the Sound center was at our yellow table. We used two different spinners during our two week period so that we focused on different sounds the second time around. There is a corresponding recording sheet for each spinner. My kids really enjoy the spinner games that I’ve introduced this year. There must be something about flicking that paper clip! J After they spin, they identify the beginning sound of the picture it lands on. Then they have to find the corresponding letter that makes the sound to write it.

The students at the purple table worked on I Spy worksheets for the letter sounds we have introduced and learned. There is a focus sound for each sheet and the students have to find all the pictures that begin with the sound as well as any letters that match the sound. Once they spy them, they color them.

Those first three centers can be found in my Beginning Sounds Literacy Center BUNDLE pack or individually in my TpT store.

We kept the next center at the blue table the same only with different letters that we were learning. The students trace, write, stamp, color, and find the letter. They are encouraged to say the sound as they do each. This is from my A-Z Letter Practice in D’Nealian, but it is also in traditional print here.

The last center was at the red table where the students made letters on geoboards. After they made the letter, we encouraged them to say the sound the letter made three times. The letter cards were found from here.
My teaching partner and I both have three Block B students from Kansas State University in our classrooms right now. They are studying to become teachers and only have two semesters left after this one before they graduate, so this is just one step to becoming a teacher. They teach a few lessons and make literacy games, so they created our next set of literacy centers. We are almost finished with those and will be putting together another new set of centers for our students. With our first quarter under wraps, we have more data to really get started with our MTSS groups. I've been pulling here and there, but my goal for this next quarter is to really hit it hard and pull my low students more consistently during our literacy centers time. Hopefully I'll be sharing that sixth center on all my future literacy center posts. J 

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  1. I'm just itching to teach kindergarten and try some of these centers!