Thursday, November 13, 2014

Literacy Centers: Beginning Sounds, Rhyming, CVC Words, & MORE!

Here for another round of literacy centers! We are working on beginning sounds, CVC words, and rhyming lately. The kids are getting lots of great practice and it's so exciting to see the improvement from the beginning of these centers to now. 

First is our Three in a Row game. This game can be played individually or with a partner. I printed out the partner version, but we ended up playing it individually this time around. That's why you see the two squares at the bottom because it comes with blue letters and pink letters for the two players. We decided to use some magnetic letters this time around and play individually. The students draw a magnetic letter and if there is a picture that begins with that sound, they get to cover it. Once they get three in a row, they win and play with a new game card. It's great practice for those beginning sounds.
Another beginning sound center we are working on is Say it, Clip it! They choose five cards at a time and clip the beginning sound of each, check it with a teacher or friend, and then choose five more. They are getting really good at their beginning sounds!! Say it, Clip it and Three in a Row are also found in my Beginning Sounds Literacy Centers BUNDLE.
 Next up is our write the room that goes with our unit theme right now - nutrition! We have done a couple other write the room activities with Halloween words and fall words too. 
After the kids found and wrote all the food words, they got to make their own healthy lunch tray full of the foods they found around the room and label them. This is a center that NEVER gets old with my kids and I never have to worry about them staying on task and engaged in the activity. LOVE IT!!
 I LOVE the practice my kids are getting from this next one. We talk so much about stretching and writing words and this has been a tremendous help for my students and making sure they stretch and hear every sound in the words. We have done mixed vowel CVC words and we've also focused on a specific vowel such as /u/ and /e/ because our students need more work with those. These are made by my teaching partner, Jennifer Brown, and you can get them here.
 The last one is to practice rhyming with my Rhyme Time cut/paste worksheet. Rhyming has been tricky for a lot of our kids and this has been very helpful practice for them. We've done a few different versions of these as well, but having all the options in front of them has been helpful for them to hear the rhymes and really check their work. The extra cutting, gluing, and coloring practice has been nice too! ;) 
Next week we plan to bring in some Thanksgiving centers for our kinders. Only a week and a half left before Thanksgiving break! CRAZY!!! Have a good one!

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