Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ocean Literacy Centers

So, I had every intention of blogging and sharing about our ocean literacy centers (as well as many other themed literacy centers at the end of the year), but it just never happened! I finally finished finalizing the literacy center pack to post tonight and I thought why not just blog about it too?! Maybe it will be useful for somebody, right?! Well if that somebody is you, here you go! :) 

A few of the centers included in the pack are not shown here because, well, I didn’t create them in time to use at the time, but I wanted to make sure I included 5 ready to use centers in the product. I would totally use them all next time around!

We always love the write the room center so it’s definitely a regular in my classroom. I added a little more to it where the kids have to find the cards, write the word, count the syllables, and then turn the paper over to draw and label a picture and write a sentence using the words they found. This keeps them completely engaged and busy the entire center time. 

Every kid enjoys a fun board game, right? This next center fits all those competitive little souls and can be played multiple times throughout center time. Of course it's really just luck of the spin and they don't even realize they are working on sight words when they play. When the player spins a word, they get to move to the next space with that word in it. 
The next center is rainbow writing sight words. See a pattern here? We were really needing to work on sight words at the end of the year, so it did happen to be a big bulk of our literacy centers. 
There are two more centers included in the pack which include a fun sight word bump game and a matching memory game working on reading words with ee and ea vowel teams. One of the other centers we did in this rotation was a game I learned from Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade when I listened to her sessions in Wichita. My kids LOVED this and you could do so many variations of it to switch it up to fit another theme. It's called Hop to It! I laminated and cut out lily pads and wrote sight words on them. I only did five words at a time and wrote them on lily pads twice. The first time we played, I had the kids hop to the word after I said it aloud. They went up against their partner. Eventually I had a student reading the word and they would just switch out with whoever won the round. You can see a video of this on my Instagram. The next time we played it, I had them use my froggy flyswatters. So fitting, huh?! ;) This time they had to swat at the word after it was said as you see here. It was fun, but I did have to remind them every once in a while to make sure they were reading the words and not just swatting without putting any thought into it. 
Well, there you have it!! If nothing else, maybe you found an idea to pin and come back to later because this is probably not what you are thinking about as we are all getting ready to head back to school! ;) 
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