Kinder Giggles

A collection of the giggles I have during my teaching career! 

Everyone says that teachers should write a book about the funny things kids say, so here is my attempt at beginning a collection of kinder giggles.

While my kinders were out at recess with the 1st graders today, one of my lil guys looked like something was wrong. So of course of proceeded to ask him what was wrong and he said, "I'm allergic to 1st graders." Haha!

A "sweetie" I have to share! -  I have one of my first little kiddos leaving this Thursday and as I talked to him about moving and how I will miss him he told me, "Just remember I love you Mrs. Berns." Melt my heart...I'm going to miss him and I hate goodbyes!

We were talking about what we do when we get angry. I was so surprised to hear all the answers about them hitting something, throwing rocks at windows, etc. Finally I said something like, man if I threw rocks at the window when I was a kid, I would be in big, BIG trouble! One of my little girls piped up and said, "Mrs. Berns you didn't have any windows when you were growing up because you grew up in a barn!" My para and I couldn't stop laughing....apparently "grew up on a farm" means I grew up living in a barn....LOL!!

One of my kinders asked me a question about the "graders". I was so confused and asked her what the graders were and she said, "You know, like the first graders and second graders..." Ohhhh....yes, the "graders" I've gotcha!!
As I'm doing assessments with my students one on one, we were doing rhyming words. So I would say a word and they would tell me a word that rhymes with it. First word: tell me a word that rhymes with sit. Without a beat, the kid says, "$hit!" Trying not to laugh, we move on to the next one! Haha!

 One of my little boys wanted to write a note to Mr. & Mrs. Berns in writing lab. Then he tells me, "You know why I wrote you a note? Because I want to marry you!" Haha, I wonder if the note to Mr. Berns was to break the news?! ;-)

My little line leader must have thought my white dress looked like a nice kleenex. We were getting ready to sing our song for the hallway and I feel him grab my dress and then see him bring it to his nose. Haha, good thing I caught him in time! :-P

I was taking the kids' pictures at the beginning of the year so I could put them on our Birthday Wall. One of my little girls asked what I was going to do with them. I pointed to our Birthday Wall and said that I was planning on putting them all up there. She gasped and said, "Oh my! I've always wanted to be famous!"

As we talked about the writing prompt for our mother's day booklets "The present my mom deserves on mother's day is..." I loved hearing all of their responses! They were so sweet, but these two in particular were quite funny and we just had to laugh! Student 1 - "My mom deserves this booklet...well or she deserves to lose some weight." Student 2 - "My mom deserves a new toilet." Oh, so did your toilet break? "No, it just smells really bad!" Haha, the picture he drew was lovely of his mom sitting on a toilet! :)

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  1. OMG! Aren't they too funny! I thought the "want to be famous" was my favourite, until I read the pic. of his mom on the toilet! That really made me laugh - picturing the mom receiving that! Love it! I love the kinder conversations! Glad I found your blog!

    Growing Kidlets